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March, 2007

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Celebrity Favorites: Josephine Baker

March 2007

Josephine Baker became a major celebrity in the 1920?s. Having left the U.S.A. in 1925 for a more open-minded France, she became an overnight sensation at the Paris, in her famous skirt made of bananas.

Famous for her uninhibited and daring performances, even appearing with a pet cheetah,and singing and dancing in little more than a feather skirt in the Danse Souvage, she epitomizes the new spirit of freedom and liberation of the 20's era. She made popular recordings of her songs and starred in two films "Zouzou" and "Princess Tam Tam". Josephine Baker became a symbol for sexual liberation in the roaring 20s and 30s. She epitomized the radical, outrageous and controversial with her own brand of style and chic. Ahead of her time, she was the most photographed woman in the world, and became the highest paid entertainer in Europe. .. (continued below)

2. Josephine Baker poster 1927

Josephine Baker

1. Josephine Baker Star of the 20's and 30's

From A short clip of Josephine Baker performing her "Danse Sauvage" in the "Revue N?gre".

Elena Scavini had seen Josephine Baker in Paris and decided to add a Josephine Baker doll to her doll collection for 1926. Below we can see an example of the product, an all-felt Lenci doll, 47cm - 18 1/2 in, dressed in the famous banana skirt, with specially fashioned accessories, in a Josephine Baker style pose, together with the original pictures from the Lenci 1926 catalog, (images 3 - 5).

3. Josephine Baker doll in the Lenci catalog for 1926

Josephine Baker doll - original lenci catalog of 1926Josephine Baker doll as seen in the original lenci catalog of 1926

4 & 5.Josephine Baker doll on the left (Source: Lenci Dolls, M Tosa) and right, as seen in the original lenci catalog of 1926 (Source: Lenci Torino catalog 1926, Private collection)

5. Josephine Baker Original poster (private collection)

Josephine Baker sings "Haiti" in the 1934 film, ZOU ZOU


  • Lenci Torino, 1926 catalog


Patricia Hayes 2007
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