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Feb, 2007

A  Lenci Dolls Collector article--for Lenci doll collectors



Reader's Story: A Rare Find

Feb 2007

This time I am delighted to present reader Sharon's story of two interesting Cupid dolls she discovered at a garage sale 30 years ago:

'It brings me great joy knowing that these precious Cupids will be viewed and loved by Lenci lovers all over the world. Sharing, to me, is the greatest part of owning something this wonderful.

The Cupids were acquired approximately 30 yrs. ago at a garage sale. They were in a "junk box" under the table and I spied them. Paid $1.00 each for them. Originally, they were mounted on Italian Marble Blocks, as shown in the attached pictures I took 3 yrs. ago. Upon seeing them I was fancinated with the fact they were unusual, I have always looked for the unique and unusual. Loving color added to their attraction and I spent $2.00 of the $3.00 I had with me to purchase them. They have been on display in my livingroom for 30 yrs.

Three years ago when downsizing due to my failing health, someone from my insurance company came over to view my items before putting them up for sale Two helpers had marked my precious, beloved Cupids $75.00 each even though I protested wanting to sell them. Upon seeing my items the lady from my insurance company noticed them immediately and asked if they were Lenci's. I began to ask questions and got answers. She went home that night and stayed up all night looking through her doll books, she was a collector, and finally found a written description in Warman's Catalogue, 1998. She called the next morning, told me to sit down with the dolls in front of me, proceeded to read the description and I almost fainted. It was exact to the letter. .. (continued below)



1. Sharon 'It brings me great joy knowing that these precious Cupids will be viewed and loved by Lenci lovers all over the world. Sharing, to me, is the greatest part of owning something this wonderful'

Lenci Cupids of 1926
2. Sharon's Lenci Cupids "I spent $2.00 of the $3.00 I had with me to purchase them."( Photo: ?H.I.S. Creations 1985 - 2007 )

'I had contacted Noel Barret from the Antiques Road Show and he gave me Richard Wright's cell phone number, he was in CA doing a Antique Road Show at the time, and he forwarded the pictures to Richard. Richard was so excited and told me they were indeed Lenci and very rare and called Fetish Dolls. Meanwhile, I insured the 2 Cupids for the value shown in Warman's as my insurance company accepted that as an appraisal. My husband built me a case for them and they are in my view so I can enjoy them. For three years I have done nothing until the night I couldn't sleep, went to your website, contacted you and Nancy. Thank you so much for that website. It was the first time I ever saw it and you cannot imagine how happy I was to find it.

That is the story. I am thrilled beyond words to finally have a way to share these beautiful works of art with everyone. They should be shared. Monetary value is great but having the opportunity to share them and the story of their journey and preservation is far better. You cannot put a value on bringing joy to others."
-Sharon (Email)

Lenci fetish :

3.Lenci fetish : "Cupido" as seen in the original lenci catalog of 1926 (Source: Lenci Torino catalog 1926, Private collection)

Cubido 1926 Catalog

4. The orignal model 276, Cupido, 7"- 17cm, seen in the 1926 Lenci catalog (Lenci, Torino 1926)

The Lenci cupid

5. Alternative views of the Lenci Cupids (Photos: ?H.I.S. Creations 1985 - 2007)


  • All images property of the owner. Photos of Sharon's dolls copyright ?H.I.S. Creations 1985 - 2007
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  • Lenci Torino, 1926 catalog


Patricia Hayes 2007
For The Lenci Doll Collector


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