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May, 2007

A Lenci Doll Collector article--for Lenci doll collectors

Lenci Portraits: Louise Brooks

Louise Brooks ( Mary Louise Brooks) b. Cherryvale, Kansas, is remembered for her ethereal screen presence and her famous bob hairstyle. Undoubtedly the most naturalistic actress of her generation, her unaffected style and charm won the hearts of the 1920's era. Her bob hairstyle, was a sensation and had women lining up at barbershops for the Louise Brooks haircut. Always the independent spirit, Louise Brooks turned her back on Hollywood as the Silent movie era was drawing to a close. She left for Germany and some of her better known films roles, such as Lulu in Pandora's Box (1929) for G. W. Pabs, and Pabst's Diary of a Lost Girl (1929). Her film career tapered off in the 30's following her return to the United States, causing us to forever associate her with the golden age of the Silent Era. She is an icon of the 20th century.

In 1930, a boudoir doll with an unmistakable resemblance to Louise Brooks appears in the Lenci catalog , with the signature bob hairstyle and holding a cigarette, she is the classic Vamp. An example of the Lenci art and skill at it's finest, she wears a simple but striking red felt dress adorned with a floral corsage at the waist, Her mohair hair is the classic bob. We are grateful to have the opportunity to present to you a glimpse of this rare Lenci doll from the private collection of Lorenza Cabella, photographed for us by Patrizia Nicotra Martini

Louise Brooks
2. "Louise Brooks" by Lenci, c.1930 (Collection: Lorenza Cabella, Photo: Patrizia Nicotra Martini)

Louise Brooks

1. Louise Brooks (Photo:Private collection)

 Louise Brooks by Lenci

3. The famous bob haircut
(Collection: Lorenza Cabella, Photo: Patrizia Nicotra Martini)

Lenci catalog 1030
4. The Lenci Catalog picture from 1930 presents a classic Vamp pose


5. Face detail (Collection: Lorenza Cabella, Photo: Patrizia Nicotra Martini)

Louise Brooks 6. Louise Brooks, 1920's (Photo: Private collection)

7. From, Louise Brooks tribute

Louise Brooks DVDs  ]


  • Collection Lorenza Cabella,
  • Photos of doll by Patrizia Nicotra Martini
  • Lenci, Torino, 1930 Catalog
  • Louise Brooks Society -


P. Hayes, 2007
For The Lenci Doll Collector


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